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 Dungeon Master’s Guide PDF

Dungeon Master’s Guide Online Book

About the Book – The Dungeon Master’s Guide is the Master of Worlds. It Is because it contains sections that contain details you can use to build your world. The world building section spans about 35 pages. This section includes advice on how you can make your world and how you can generate the overall plot of a campaign that will be set in the world that you build. This section also covers different play styles and also guides you on how play varies over the various levels of characters.

Table of Contents

Part 1

  • Chapter 1: A World of Your Own
  • Chapter 2: Creating a Multiverse

Part 2

  • Chapter 3: Creating Adventures
  • Chapter 4: Creating Non-Player Characters
  • Chapter 5: Adventure Environment
  • Chapter 6: Between Adventures
  • Chapter 7: Treasure

Part 3

  • Chapter 8: Between adventures
  • Chapter 9: Dungeon Master’s Workshop
  • Appendix A: Random Dungeons
  • Appendix B: Monster Lists
  • Appendix C: Maps
  • Appendix D: Dungeon
  • Master Inspiration
  • Index

Product details

  • Hardcover: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Wizards of the Coast (9 December 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0786965622
  • ISBN-13: 978-0786965625

Customer Reviews

I have gotten D&D books for so many years and so many variations and in many parts I have enjoyed them all. As a disclaimer I am old gamer and a fan boy of all things D&D.

This 5th edition is great in my opinion so far, some of the rules take a bit of playing to get the feel of what they were going for. The first thing my players asked for was to expand the rule of three attuned items. This is a new thing from other versions and is an answer to having layers bonuses. Everything can stack, but with the new limitations you can’t stack more than three of anything and that is a good thing. In a high level campaign I let them go with 5 and for the min/max guys it made a few untouchable (almost).

The DMG gives a good touch on a lot of things but like many versions past there is a lot of latitude for your own campaign. The other half of the book is magic items and some good descriptions of things most old payers are familiar with.

This version is a good change and the simplification of the rule has been great when trying to show some new players how to get into the game but structured good enough for the hard core role players that might be in your group as well.Chris

What can I say? This book rounds out the Holy Trinity ™ of D&D 5th edition. With this book the DM or Dungeon Master, has everything she needs to tell the stories that the PC’s or Player Characters, need to bring this game to life. I predict that this book, and the entire run of 5th edition, will be winning major awards, and this book firmly establishes D&D as a relevant Role Playing Game brand again after the unfortunate disaster that was 4th edition. In summary, the art in this book is fantastic, starting with the great cover. This is the DMG that is everything I’ve come to expect in a 5e rule book. Following the exceptional job done in the PHB and Monster Manual, I expected nothing less. The full splash color pages are evocative and stunning, and really give you a sense of what D&D is all about. The fantasy worlds and creatures come to life on every page. Everything is fresh, new, and original, and this book rounds out the 3 books that encompass Dungeons and Dragons. My nod to Pathfinder (or as its referred to D&D 3.75): peruse this book and be prepared to return to the loving arms of D&D again.Amazon Customer

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