Dog in Action

Dog in Action

Book Title: Dog in Action

Author: Rachel Page Elliott

Format: Book | 288 pages

Publication Date: 01 Sep 2002

ISBN-13: 9781929242061

Reprint. Written in 1950, this book was the first to thoroughly analyze, illustrate and explain the under-the-skin workings of the dog. It shows the breeder, fancier, and judge that the principles of movement apply to all breeds. While some of the theories have since been disproved, the book still deserves to be in the serious dog person's library because it is the foundation for all gait and locomotion books which have since been written. The modern breed, judge and fancier will learn: *To put functional soundness above all else *Why the trot shows the faults and virtues of a dog's running gear. *That every animal that moves can teach us about functional conformation *Why a dog must be dynamically balanced to function efficiently. *That no dog can be any better than his bone placement, conformation and muscle tone *How to develop a thorough knowledge of dogs in order to interpret a breed standard.