You're Him, Aren't You? : An Autobiography

You're Him, Aren't You? : An Autobiography

Book Title: You're Him, Aren't You? : An Autobiography

Author: John Kenneth Muir

Format: Hardback | 174 pages

Publication Date: 30 Oct 2006

ISBN-13: 9781844352364

Paul Darrow's career has encompassed theatre, television and film. Famed for his portrayal of Kerr Avon, a ruthless and calculating computer expert, in Terry Nation's science fiction series Blake's 7, Darrow has also appeared in Coronation Street, Emergency Ward 10 and many other productions - including two guest appearances in Doctor Who. Populated by familiar names and productions, You're Him, Aren't You? is Paul's own story of his life and career. It tells of his association with Blake's 7 - how he was cast, his experiences of making the show, what has happened since and his memories of Terry Nation, the cast and the crew. It also tells of his childhood, his time playing Elvis Presley and his near miss with James Bond.