Introduction to Forensic and Criminal Psychology

Introduction to Forensic and Criminal Psychology

Book Title: Introduction to Forensic and Criminal Psychology

Author: Callie Marie Rennison

Format: Paperback | 720 pages

Publication Date: 28 Feb 2018

ISBN-13: 9781292187167

Introduction to Forensic Criminal Psychology 6th edition provides a clear, comprehensive and engaging coverage of the subject. With a continued emphasis on key empirical findings and the theory stemming from this research, this book will equip you with a deep and contextualised understanding of this fascinating area.

A range of pedagogical features will help you to quickly grasp the key concepts, appreciate the controversies and develop a practical understanding of the wide ranging topics encompassed by this ever evolving subject.

Key features

Market leading text in this popular area
Fully up-to-date with wide-ranging classic and contemporary research.
Includes coverage of radically new ideas about forensic memory, delinquency, burglary, sex offender treatment, and more.
Strong emphasis on theory and key empirical findings to encourage deeper understanding
Important and relevant research studies from a UK and international perspective are explored in depth.
'Key concepts', 'Forensic psychology in action' and 'Controversies' provide students with a broader understanding of the subject
A glossary of key terms provides explanations for easy reference
Further reading suggestions at the end of each chapter help students to go beyond the text and discover key resources